Beady Eye (ex-Oasis) - Be (Japanese Edition) [2013, июнь]

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Beady Eye (ex-Oasis) - Be (Japanese Edition) [2013, июнь]Beady Eye (ex-Oasis) - Be (Japanese Edition)

Жанр: Альтернативный рок, инди-рок

Страна: United Kingdom (Manchester)


01. Flick of the Finger
02. Soul Love
03. Face the Crowd
04. Second Bite of the Apple
05. Soon Come Tomorrow
06. Iz Rite
07. I’m Just Saying
08. Don’t Brother Me
09. Shine a Light
10. Ballroom Figured
11. Start Anew


12. Dreaming of Some Space
13. The World’s Not Set In Stone
14. Back After The Break
15. Off at The Next Exit

Японское издание:

01. Girls in Uniform
02. Evil Eye


Tags: Beady Eye , Oasis , Be

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